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The Official Blog of the Amherstburg Taxpayers Association

Welcome to the official blog of the Amherstburg Taxpayers Association. Recently, some members have begun a dialogue on social media voicing their concerns about transparency and their participation in discussions related to the ATA in an official capacity. Having been formed approximately 10 days ago at the time of this post, we as the Directors of the ATA are absolutely delighted with the outpouring of support and suggestions for this nascent association.
The Taxpayers are talking and…

“We hear YOU!

The current purpose of this blog is to release official information about the Amherstburg Taxpayers Association, such as scheduled meetings for our members, recorded minutes of said meetings, and to be used as an official platform where Amherstburg taxpayers and Taxpayers alike can raise any issues, comments, concerns, or questions with the Board of Directors via official email. A post with the official email and preferred correspondence will soon follow.

While we as Directors felt it necessary to best address any and all concerns brought to our attention over the past 10 days, we believe that this blog will serve as a nexus of information for all Amherstburg Taxpayers.

Considering transparency and accountability, the Board did arrange an immediate, special meeting on Sunday, September 8, 2019 at 9 am. The outcome of that meeting is this blog. A post of the minutes of that meeting will soon follow.

As we are committed to espousing the democratic process, the content and function of this blog are subject to the questions, discussion, and approval of the Taxpayers. As it stands, this is an interim channel of communication for the ATA, created solely at the behest of the Board of Directors in the name of expediency.

J. Brodie Timms-Fryer, Director 

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